Fox River Implementation Plan
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River Restoration &  FRIP: Two approaches for a healthier Fox River
While the focus of the FRIP is centered around numerical improvements to key water quality criteria (Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Chlorophyll-A), the FRSG is also evaluating river restoration practices that river communities can undertake to restore natural processes and habitat to the river channel and its banks.

Visit our River Restoration Page to learn more about the benefits that will be realized by coupling water quality improvements with physical river restoration
2016 Annual Meeting Presentation - 10-27-16
Fox River Study Group 2016 Activities   Cindy Skrukrud, Chair
Continuous Water Quality Monitoring-Fox River Algonquin
   Clint Bailey, USGS
2016 Benthic Algae Sampling    Karen Clementi, Deuchler Environmental
 Enhancing a MS4 Program with Help from Fox River Study Group
   Mark Phipps, City of Aurora
 Fox Metro Water Reclamation Plant Upgrades   Tom Muth, Manager
Fox River Phosphorus Reduction Tool
The Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool is a spreadsheet that allows users to evaluate different non-point source (NPS) management scenarios within the FRIP study area (the Fox River watershed from Stratton Dam to the river's mouth). The tool is set up for use by any of the 76 MS4 jurisdictions in the area. It can also be used for each of the 33 subwatersheds in the region.

The tool allows communities to evaluate urban best management practices (BMPs) including bioretention, constructed wetlands, dry detention, street sweeping, vegetated swales and extended wet detention.  The user can override the default removal efficiencies in the tool.

Farmers can also make use of the tool to evaluate the impacts of ag best management practices (BMPs) such as conservation tillage, constructed wetlands, field borders, grassed waterways and nutrient management.

An instructional webinar, the Fox River Phosphorus Reduction Tool and User Guide can be found at the links below.
Webinar - Fox River Implementation Plan Non-point Source Control Screening & Tracking Tools  12-1-15    Scott Bell, Limnotech
Fox River Study Group Webinar on Runoff Tool Resources  12-1-15
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool User Guide
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool -MS4 Jurisdiction Editor
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool -Tributary Editor
MS4 Non-Point Source Control Measure Tracking Tool
FRIP Non-Point Source Control Screening and Tracking Tools Presentation
2015 Annual Meeting Presentation - 10-30-15
Fox River Implementation Plan Update
2014 Annual Meeting Presentations - 10-30-14
Introduction/History  Cindy Skrukrud
Phosphorus loading in the Fox River Watershed
     Alena Bartosova, Illinois State Water Survey
Fox River Implementation Plan
     Scott Bell, Limnotech
Dam Removal Results & Opportunities
     Steve Pescitelli, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
2013 Annual Meeting Presentations - 10-31-13
Intro  Cindy Skrukrud
Evaluations of Watershed Scenarios  Alena Bartosova, Illinois State Water Survey
Fox River Implementation Plan (FRIP) Overview   Rob Linke
2012 Annual Meeting Presentations - 10/25/12
  Fox River Low Flow Monitoring
  Fox River Existing Conditions and Alternative Management Scenarios
2011 Annual Meeting Presentations - 10/27/11
   Fox River Watershed Monitoring
   Computer Modeling Update
   Aurora Green Infrastructure
   Algonquin Biological Nutrient Removal
Illnois RiverWatch Network Symposium on 10-4-11
Status of Fish Assemblages and Sport Fishery in the Fox River Watershed: Results of 2012 Basin Survey pdf
Fox River Watershed Investigation: Stratton Dam to the Illinois River, Phase III, Evaluation of Watershed Management Scenarios  link to ISWS
Illinois State Water Survey - Fox Information   link to ILRDSS
Phase I Final Report link to ILRDSS
Phase II Progress Report pdf
Phase III, Evaluation of Watershed Management Scenarios
FOX RIVER WATERSHED MAP   Wisconsin & Illinois
Illinois State Water Survey Technical Memorandum 5/20/14:
Contribution of point and non-point sources to total phosphorus loads in the Fox River watershed downstream of Stratton Dam pdf
Alena Bartosova of the Illinois State Water Survey makes a presentation at an Annual Meeting.
Probe on the Fox River
FRSG has partnered with USGS to operate a continuous probe on the Fox River at the Prairie Bike Path Bridge in Algonquin.

The probe provides real time measurements of water temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen which can be viewed here.
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