Fox River Implementation Plan  12-17-15
      Public Review Draft Fox River Implementation Plan 9-11-15
      Final Draft Fox River Implementation Plan  11-23-15
Fox River Phosphorus Reduction Tool
The Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool is a spreadsheet that allows users to evaluate different non-point source (NPS) management scenarios within the FRIP study area (the Fox River watershed from Stratton Dam to the river's mouth). The tool is set up for use by any of the 76 MS4 jurisdictions in the area. It can also be used for each of the 33 subwatersheds in the region.

The tool allows communities to evaluate urban best management practices (BMPs) including bioretention, constructed wetlands, dry detention, street sweeping, vegetated swales and extended wet detention.  The user can override the default removal efficiencies in the tool.

Farmers can also make use of the tool to evaluate the impacts of ag best management practices (BMPs) such as conservation tillage, constructed wetlands, field borders, grassed waterways and nutrient management.

An instructional webinar, the Fox River Phosphorus Reduction Tool and User Guide can be found at the links below.
Webinar - Fox River Implementation Plan Non-point Source Control Screening & Tracking Tools  12-1-15    Scott Bell, Limnotech
Fox River Study Group Webinar on Runoff Tool Resources  12-1-15
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool User Guide
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool -MS4 Jurisdiction Editor
Fox River NPS Phosphorus Load Reduction Screening Tool -Tributary Editor
MS4 Non-Point Source Control Measure Tracking Tool
FRIP Non-Point Source Control Screening and Tracking Tools Presentation
Workshop Materials
Workshop  Feb. 20, 2014:
Summary of Decisions and Directions from First FRIP Workshop on February 20, 2014 DRAFT

Workshop Presentation 2-20-14
DRAFT: Review of QUAL2K Application to the Fox River
DRAFT: Review of HSPF Application to the Fox River Watershed
DRAFT: FRIP Water Quality Standards and Targets 
Workshop  March 6, 2015:
Discussion Questions for 3/6/15 FRIP Planning Workshop
1. Kick-off Meeting
   December 11, 2013
2. Review Water Quality Targets 3. Review WQ Models & Make Adjustments
4. Workshop 1:
    Review & Discuss results
    of Tasks 2 & 3
5. WQ Modeling Scenarios
    (build on ISWS work)
6. Develop and Assess
    Alternatives that Meet
    WQ Targets
7. Workshop 2:
   Review & Discuss results
   of Tasks 5 & 6
8. Prepare Draft FRIP
9.  Workshop 3
    Review & Discuss Draft
    FRIP – format, content,
10. Prepare Final FRIP
Fox River Implementation Plan Project Update  9-25-14
Updates to the Fox River Valley Community Handout  May 2014
Removal Efficiencies and Construction Costs for NPS Control Measures DRAFT
Preliminary Summer Critical Season Modeling Results  9-18-14
Project Status Summary 7-28-14
FRIP Presentation  4-24-14
FRIP Kick-off Presentation 12/11/13
Presentation about the FRIP from the 10/31/13 Annual Meeting
Fox River Implementation Plan- Limnotech Scope of Work
Fox River Implementation Plan- Illinois State Water Survey Scope of Work
 Recalibration of Fox River QUAL2K Model in Response to Revised Sediment Code
 Executive Summary - Enhance Nutrient Removal
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