Next Meeting:

Next Meeting:
 Thursday, January 26, 2017   9:30 AM

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Photos from our October 27, 2016 Annual Meeting

Cindy Skrukrud, FRSG Chair, provides an overview of recent activities

Tom Muth discusses plant upgrades at Fox Metro Water Reclamation

Karen Clementi discusses the Benthic Algae Sampling

Mark Phipps discusses ways to enhance MS4 Programs with FRSG's help
2016 Annual Meeting Presentations
 Fox River Implementation Plan (FRIP)
 River Restoration Page
The Fox River Phosphorus Reduction Tool allows communities and farmers to evaluate the phosphorus reductions that can be achieved through the use of practices such as bioretention, dry & wet detention, street sweeping, vegetated swales, conservation tillage, constructed wetlands, field borders, grassed waterways and nutrient management.
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